APATS 2017

APATS 2017

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Cabin Crew Conference

APATS 2017 Conference Chair: Captain Jacques Drappier
Cabin Crew Conference Moderator: Trevor Jensen, AA Nova

Day 1 – Tuesday 29th August 2017
0900-1000  Session 1 - Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (Pilot & Cabin Crew)
1) Captain Yann Lardet, General Manager, Airbus Asia Training Center - Singapore
2) Meshesha Belayneh, Deputy Director, Technical Cooperation Bureau & Chief, Global Aviation Training Office, ICAO
1000-1100  Coffee
1100-1230  Session 2 – Cabin Crew Training
1) Aye Aye Naing, Head of Flight Service, Myanmar National Airlines
Refocusing Cabin Crew CRM Training
2) Susan Rice, Aviation Consultant / Cabin Safety Specialist
How Do We Develop and Maintain Competent Cabin Crew?
3) Richard MuraleeFounder and Managing Director, Grip Training & Workshops Sdn Bhd

1230-1400  Lunch
1400-1530  Session 3 – Cabin Crew Training 
1) Dr. Olga Chashina, Lead Specialist – Department of Information Systems, Aeroflot – Russian Airlines & Vitaly Chaschin-Semenov, System Architect, Jedium
2) Sherry Saehlenou, Principal, Avion Training LLC
3) Søren Seindal Agner, Owner, Aeroteam
1530-1615 Coffee
1615-1745 Session 4 - Training Café - Current and Future Challenges in Training

Join us for a highly interactive group session and share your expertise with others. Get your questions answered by Cabin Safety professionals and group participants in a relaxed and open forum. This valuable session may hold the answers you are looking for!
1745  Networking Reception


Day 2 – Wednesday 30th August
0900-1030  Session 5 – Cabin Crew Workshop
Søren Seindal Agner & Cecilie H.S. Agner, Aeroteam
Gaming for CRM Training
1030-1115  Coffee
1115-1245  Session 6 – Cabin Crew Workshop
Jerry van den Berg, CEO, Be Secure International
Learning Methodologies: Experience the Most Effective Ones
1245-1400  Lunch
1400-1530 Session 7 – Creating the Right Environment (Pilot & Cabin Crew)
1) Captain Gu, Jian, B777 Captain, China Eastern Airlines & Yuping Guan, CTO, Pelesys Learning Systems Inc.
2) Margie Burns, Managing Director, Aviation Selection Consultants
3) Henry Emery, Managing Director, Latitude Aviation English Services
1530-1615  Coffee
1615-1745 Session 8 – Technology Assisting Training (Pilot & Cabin Crew)
1) Mark Dransfield, Director of Regulatory Affairs, UK, TRU Simulation + Training
2) Paul Nef, Business Development Director Asia-Pacific, Honeywell Aerospace
3) Dr. Jeremy Goodman, Senior Manager (Product Development), Quadrant Group
1745  Closing Remarks

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