Captain Dave Harris

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Captain Dave Harris

Organisation: Babcock Mission Critical Services

Job Title: Head of Flight Training and Standards

Capt. Dave Harris is Head of Flight Training and Standards for Babcock Mission Critical Services, a leading provider of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, oil & gas logistics, governmet aviation support, Search and Rescue, fire-fighting, training and disaster relief operations on four continents. With a fleet of 400 aircraft and 132,000 flight hours annually, Babcock provides a broad cross-section of the industry. Dave joined Babcock from the Royal Air Force, where he flew the Puma, Bell 412 and AS350 amongst others, including teaching on both fixed wing and rotary wing, where he completed his service with responsibility for the standards of instructors and students for all three UK military services at the Defence Helicopter Flying School. He has recently been the nominated person for Crew Training at Babcock Germany, and is currently switching types from the EC135 to the AW169.



Task Specific Helicopter Flight Crew Training: Developing an ICAO Manual

The International Pilot Training Association (IPTA), successor to the International Pilot Training Consortium, was established to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of commercial aviation by developing international agreement on a common set of pilot training, instruction and evaluation standards and processes for the benefit of the industry worldwide, and that will result in ICAO provisions.

One of the intended outcomes of this intiative is to develop an ICAO Manual for Helicopter Mission Training, and this is being taken forward by an IPTA Helicopter Mission Training Workstream. The manual aims to provide guidance for flight crews, operators, training providers, and regulators, to address some of the safety concerns facing the industry. It comprises two main sections: general guidelines followed by task-specific material covering the primary tasks and roles, including some of the specific skills and competencies needed to discharge them safely and efficiently.

Draft 2 of the general section of the Manual is being forwarded to the ICAO Helicopter Panel for review, and Section 2 is currently being drafted. The manual has been structured to be readily usable and introduced in stages by those operators with few training resources.



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