Captain Miguel A. Marin

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Captain Miguel A. Marin

Organisation: ICAO

Job title: Acting Chief, Operational Safety Section

Miguel A. Marin graduated from Nathaniel Hawthorne College with a degree in Aviation Administration and has logged over 12,000 hours. He flew for Mexicana Airlines out of Mexico City for over 24 years, flying B727s, DC-8s and the Airbus 320 family of airplanes. During his aviation flying career he held various management jobs with the airline in the Flight Operations and Flight Safety departments. Additionally he was a volunteer for IFALPA where he chaired the air traffic services committee.

Miguel joined the International Civil Aviation Organization in November of 2009 and has served the organization in various capacities during his six year tenure. In 2011 Miguel was appointed Secretary of the Flight Operations Panel where he has contributed in the development of SARPs dealing with aircraft operations. In 2014 Capt. Marin was designated as the project lead for global flight tracking. He coordinated the activities of the Normal Aircraft Implementation Initiative which provided practical recommendations used in drafting the final normal aircraft tracking provisions. He is currently acting Chief of the Operational Safety Section which is responsible for the development of Standards, Recommended Practices, Procedures and guidance material related for the operation, certification and airworthiness of aircraft including, the licensing and training of personnel and language proficiency requirements. 



The Future of ICAO PANS-TRG

Over a decade ago, ICAO introduced the first competency-based licence: the MPL. A few years later, evidence-based training was introduced. There have been a lot of lessons learned since the introduction of these provisions. With the approval of Amendment 5 to the PANS-TRG, ICAO will embark on a substantive work programme that will revisit, update and enhance all provisions related to competencies. This programme will impact aeroplane pilots, aircraft maintenance personnel, air traffic controllers, air traffic safety electronics personnel, flight dispatchers and cabin crew. This presentation will describe the nature of this amendment and how ICAO intends to carry out the follow-on work.



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