Marcel Kruijer

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Marcel Kruijer

Organisation: ADAC HEMS Academy GmbH

Job Title: Senior Instructor

Marcel Kruijer commenced his career as an Airborne Ranger in the German Special Forces with the ambition very early on to become a pilot.

During training with the Golden Knights US Army Parachute Demonstration Team in Raeford, North Carolina, he started to take additional flight hours in the evenings. 

Finally after six years in the Army Airborne Branch he switched to the Air Force becoming a helicopter pilot. 

Basic instruction at Fort Ricker, Alabama, was finalised in Germany.

Years as a SAR Rescue Pilot, mountain and ofshore, passed by before being trained as a flight instructor. NVG, Type Rating, Tactical Training, IFR instruction was his daily routine for the following years.

Marcel flew many missions in different theatres (Kosovo etc.) which were then followed by a tour of four years as an exchange Flight Instructor in the French Armed Forces.

In 2013 he left the Armed Forces to join the ADAC HEMS Rescue Company and Academy as a Rescue Pilot and Flight Instructor.

Responsibilities in this part of his career continue to involve NVG Training, Line Checks, Supervision and Type Rating which is part of the Approved Training Organisation.

As Senior Flight Instructor, he is also responsible, within the Company, for Third Party Instruction and Training on the company simulators. 

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