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FIT Aviation Gets Four Redbird MCX Flight Simulators

Posted on Tuesday 24th September 2013 | Academia M&S

Florida Institute of Technology's flight training arm, FIT Aviation, LLC (FITA) in Melbourne, Florida, installed four Redbird MCX training devices. They were ordered as a special configuration to match the school’s Piper single-engine fleet.

The school needed a “particular type of trainer, with broad flexibility, because our growing training fleet is equipped with three types of glass panel configurations,” according Ken Stackpoole, Vice President of Aviation Programs. Redbird proposed custom convertible trainers that promised FITA three configurations using change-out panels, said Stackpoole. That let the school’s training team match the simulator to the airplane configuration and creates the opportunity to expand into more airplane types in the future.

The Redbird MCX featurese wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, quick-change configurations, scenario-based training compatibility and an electric motion platform. The university also purchased a Redbird crosswind trainer to be used in improving the crosswind proficiency of its pilots.

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Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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