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MyFlightSolutions Prepares MyFlightTrain Upgrade

Posted on Wednesday 17th May 2017 | Airline

A pre-release Version 8.0 of MyFlightTrain has been on the MyFlightSolutions stand at WATS 2017, with delegates being shown the upgrade and asked for feedback. Useful input will then be fed into amendments before the public release of Version 8.0 on 1 July 2017.

"The upgraded application is now fully integrated with MyFlightAccounting to enable more flexible contracts rather than the latter just being a billing system," explained Jack Garzella, founder and CEO of MyFlightSolutions. "The fully revised scheduling system is tailored to the needs of the airline training centres as well as the flight academies."

Garzella added that the company actually practices 'agile development' in order to do weekly releases with minor updates. "One Florida-based airline training centre has requested a modification to the scheduling page and we will deliver it within two weeks," he remarked.

Authored by Fiona Greenyer
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