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RescueSim Sims for Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

Posted on Tuesday 16th September 2014 | First Responder & Security

To train, develop and assess their personnel against national standards of operational, tactical and strategic incident command, the Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service has signed a long-term deal to use RescueSim incident management simulators at their training academy at Exeter Airport. The simulators were delivered and installed at the academy by developer VSTEP.

The addition of RescueSim to the Devon & Somerset training centre will allow their incident command trainers to produce fully immersive scenarios based on their operational requirements. The Fire & Rescue Service expects to train 200 Level One and 60 Level Two officers with the RescueSim simulators during the first year.

Peter Walsh, VSTEP Business Development Manager UK commented, "Devon & Somerset FRS are now developing their use of RescueSim to take full advantage of all the benefits that RescueSim has to offer. They are able to create any incidet scenario to ensure their personnel are able to experience the whole range of incidents they may encounter. The can train, develop and assess their personnel against national standards, to ensure full competence in all command roles, ranging from Supervisory, through to Strategic; in a very efficient, effective manner that represents best value to the Service."

The Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service are using the UK version of the RescueSim simulator, which includes realistic UK police, ambulance and Highways Agency vehicles, appliances and personnel for realistic training of incidents.

Authored by Fiona Greenyer
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