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VSTEP Invited to Korean Serious Games Seminar

Posted on Thursday 5th April 2012 | First Responder & Security

Parallel to the nuclear summit in South Korea, the Dutch Embassy in Seoul together with the Korea Game Society and the regional Gyeonggi Content Agency organized a Serious Games Seminar. 

The event focussed on Serious Games that are effectively applied for better training and preparation of safety professionals and emergency services. The Dutch company VSTEP, a leading developer of simulators and virtual training software, was invited by the Dutch Embassy to demonstrate its RescueSim Virtual Incident Management Platform during the seminar. RescueSim is a virtual training platform that prepares emergency services for real-life incidents and allows them to experience and train for incidents in a safe virtual 3D environment. In the course of the ResuceSim presentation, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Uri Rosenthal took control of the RescueSim simulator and entered a realistic hangar fire scenario as a virtual fire-fighter together with other participants.

Authored by Fiona Greenyer
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