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ANSYS 16.2 Lets Engineers Develop Virtual Prototypes of Complete Systems

Posted on Tuesday 11th August 2015 | Industry & Power

ANSYS® released ANSYS 16.2, which lets engineers create virtual prototypes of complete systems, something ANSYS says is a first.

As products – from automobiles to smartphones to wearable technology – become more complex and development times continue to shrink, the need to simulate whole systems grows. The company says that “while some manufacturers have optimized the design of components or smaller sub-systems, until this new release, no comprehensive solution has existed for simulating complete systems.

Through simulation, engineers can take full advantage of the growing number of opportunities presented by the rapid innovation of materials, electronics and processes. The complexity within systems arises from the challenges of connecting the individual pieces to ensure they work together as designed.

"ANSYS customers are already solving component and sub-system problems using the most advanced software available. But with today's release of ANSYS 16.2, they expand to the system level," said Jim Cashman, ANSYS president and CEO. "We're offering engineers the most advanced engineering solution technologies on the market to predict real-world product performance using accurate, fast and reliable simulation. By leveraging these new capabilities, enterprises will gain competitive advantage in a competitive market."


Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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