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Florida Simulation Summit - Learn What Simulation Can Do for Your Business

Posted on Thursday 10th September 2015 | Industry & Power

If you live in Central Florida, you’ve probably heard of Modeling and Simulation – and might even know that Orlando serves a hub for this growth of this far-reaching industry. What started as an effort to help the military improve training, has grown into an industry with limitless possibilities for improving efficiencies, safety and profits – for almost every kind of business.
To highlight Florida's multibillion-dollar simulation industry and help identify opportunities for businesses to commercialize simulation, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs and the National Center for Simulation are hosting the Florida Simulation Summit on September 16th at the Orange County Convention Center.

The Summit will feature speakers who are using simulation applications for in addition to training – such as video-game development, transportation, and manufacturing. There will be keynote addresses by simulation experts such as Michael Tschanz, engineering manager, simulation and analysis for The Walt Disney Company as well as panels of simulation experts representing simulation in entertainment and sports performance, medical simulation, education, transportation, and emerging technologies. 

Right now, Modeling and Simulation has the single largest concentration of Simulation companies in Central Florida – and the vast majority of them use their simulations to develop training programs. This arena already contributes nearly $5 billion to Florida’s economy and directly employs more than 27,000 – and with a focus on finding ways to expand and commercialize simulation to help even more businesses and industries.

To hear ‘what simulation can do you for you’, plan to attend the Mayor’s Florida Simulation Summit. Existing modeling and simulation products and technologies added to your ideas, knowledge and imagination can help transform your business! 

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Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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