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New Robotmaster Version 6.2 Three Times Faster

Posted on Wednesday 13th May 2015 | Industry & Power

Jabez Technologies’ Robotmaster launched of the latest version of its robotic programming software that offers enhanced design, usability and several new feature sets. By considering the various ways in which one would want to program an industrial robot, the workflow has been redesigned and will be at a minimum three times and up to ten times faster than previous versions.

Expanding on previous optimization tools, Robotmaster says its V6.2 sets a new standard for robotic programming. In addition to core technology enhancement, V6.2 was designed to further elevate programming productivity, adding a synchronization feature that will allow simulations to synchronize any CAD/CAM path modifications. What's unique about this enhancement is the integration of optimization and simulation that lets users rapidly check for collisions and errors visually prior to running a full simulation. Together, these capabilities result in solutions that help make various industrial manufacturing applications more intuitive and collaborative while delivering quick and error-free robot programs.

The new version also has a quicker, less iterative workflow that allows for easier and visual programming for ultimate productivity. 

Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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