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BCG Releases FAR21X7 Emulation

Posted on Friday 11th November 2016 | Rail, Road & Maritime

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) added the FurunoTM FAR21X7 radar to its family of Radar Emulators.  The emulation of the FurunoTM FAR21X7 radar – called the PC21X7 – uses the same simulation engine as the rest of BCG’s radar simulation products that are used to train and familiarize students with the use of the FAR-21X7 or SPS-50 radar for ship navigation and collision avoidance training. The radar image incorporates realistic simulation of landmass, targets, precipitation returns, sea clutter and other effects seen on a real radar.

Some unique simulation features incorporated into PC21X7 are the zoom window that allows the user to zoom in and see a specific area of their radar screen in a separate window and the ability to send and receive AIS text messages in the same manner as with the real radar. Other software features include full Automated Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA), dual Electronic Bearing Lines & Variable Range Markers (EBL & VRM), video controls, multiple presentation modes, graphics capabilities, Automated Information System (AIS) functionality and range scaling. For ARPA support, PC21X7 provides target acquisition & tracking, leading vectors & history trails, and trial maneuvers.

Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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