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Danaos and Prime Marine Purchase VSTEP Fire Fighting RescueSim

Posted on Monday 25th April 2016 | Rail, Road & Maritime

Danaos Corporation and Prime Marine purchased a RescueSim Advanced Fire Fighting Simulator as an addition to their list of NAUTIS Bridge Simulators. The new simulators will allow both shipping companies to add STCW AFF training to their current curriculum. They will be delivered and installed by VSTEP engineers to the Danaos and Prime premises in Athens during Q3 2016.

Each AFF Simulator has a RescueSim Trainee Station and a Fire Panel installed on a NAUTIS and VSTEP will develop virtual 3D models of a container vessel and chemical tanker. The RescueSim AFF Simulator will be linked to the existing VSTEP NAUTIS Ship Bridge Simulator for additional incident command training for bridge personnel. 

The RescueSim AFF Simulator functionality includes environments, emergency equipment, watertight doors, fire flaps and other objects common to specific shipboard incidents that are essential for STCW compliant AFF Training. The sim has a compact, modular design and can be setup according to training requirements and team size. A typical setup includes an instructor station and trainee stations for the on-scene commander and fire team leaders. 

During simulator training, participants assess a situation, determine the best response strategy, implement it – and then can immediately observe the consequences of their decisions. The simulator allows users to try out different response strategies for an incident in a safe, controlled environment – and lets Instructors set up any on board scenario using the instructor toolbox and retain full control during the training.


Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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