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MNX Selects AQT Solutions' ATMS

Posted on Thursday 14th January 2016 | Rail, Road & Maritime

AQT Solutions has announced that MNX, a global transportation and logistics company, has selected ATMS to manage their ground transportation and logistics training.

ATMS will be used to build MNX's training curriculums, track and manage their employee qualifications and streamline training processes for their ground delivery employees to ensure increased safety and compliance. MyATMS will provide instructors and trainees with immediate access to training schedules, qualifications and launching e-learning content.

MNX will benefit from having a complete TMS (Training Management System) along with the added ease of a built-in LMS (Learning Management System), that will manage training schedules, collect grades on any type of training content or training device, handle external vendor training they may be responsible for, manage training expiration dates for qualifications and recurrent training, and produce training certificates. Ultimately ATMS will provide MNX's training administrators, instructors, and trainees with the tools they need to help avoid accidents, incidents and costly regulatory fines that may be caused by the lack of recordkeeping and training, such as hazardous materials/dangerous goods handling.


Authored by Fiona Greenyer
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