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Modal Training Invests in Kongsberg Maritime Simulators

Posted on Monday 25th January 2016 | Rail, Road & Maritime

Modal Training in the United Kingdom invested in a full suite of advanced ship, offshore vessel, engine room and radar simulators from Kongsberg Maritime. Modal Training will use the equipment as part of its advanced training courses for maritime professionals and businesses at its new £7million that is scheduled to open in September, 2016.

The simulators will let Modal offer training that replicates the working environment of maritime roles including bridge crews, navigators, maritime engineers and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) operators. Each part of the simulator system can be operated independently or be interconnected to provide full vessel operation exercises for an entire crew.

The centrepiece of the simulation suite will be a Class A full mission K-Sim Offshore vessel simulator with forward and aft bridge, configured with a DP2 dynamic positioning system and anchor handling vessel hardware. The suite will also be equipped with two Class B K-Sim Navigation ship’s bridge simulators, with one configured as a workboat/tug bridge; a K-Sim DP Class C desktop simulator system for dynamic positioning training; a K-Sim VTS operator simulator system; and a desktop K-Sim Navigation configured for ECDIS radar training for up to six students. The engine room suite will be equipped with a full mission K-Sim Engine simulator with high-voltage functionality and a desktop engine room simulator.

Modal Training’s suite will have a detailed 360o model of the Humber, the UK’s largest multi-purpose ports complex, for Modal to provide tailored training to help businesses take advantage of growing opportunities in the region and across the wider sector. Local businesses that would have previously had to travel for this kind of specialised simulator training will now be able to get the training they need in Immingham.

Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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