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Rørvik Safety Center Upgrades Simulation Equipment

Posted on Tuesday 12th July 2016 | Rail, Road & Maritime

Norway-based Sikkerhetssenteret (Rørvik Safety Center) completed a major upgrade to its MarinSim navigational and bridge simulator. It now includes nine Barco F22 WUXGA projectors that use a camera-based auto-calibration tool from German company, offering images that are “unimaginably sharp” and provide “users with a very realistic image,” says Helge Svein Gåsvær, CEO of the Rørvik Safety Center.

The Rørvik Safety Center provides education and training to shipmasters and personnel of fishing vessels with the MarinSim simulator that lets seafarers hone their skills in controlling vessels in extreme conditions like snowstorms or hurricanes in the highest possible state of realism. To make the training more authentic, the Safety Center upgraded its previous simulator with a more advanced training device from Transas Marine International.

The room that houses the Transas simulator features a 4m x 12.6m spherical screen and nine compact Barco F22 WUXGA projectors that display high-precision, realistic images of nautical routes and waters. 

Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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