Nick Mayhew

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Nick Mayhew

Organisation: L3 Link Simulation & Training

Job Title: Senior Program Manager

Nick Mayhew is currently employed as a Senior Program Manager with L3 Link Simulation & Training based in Arlington, Texas.

A veteran of both Gulf Wars, Nick served in the Royal Navy for 28 years, mainly flying Sea King helicopters in Anti-Submarine and Search and Rescue roles. He has been involved in flight training since becoming a QHI in 1984 and held many other roles such as commanding a small ship and working in procurement, training policy and was the RNs first Merlin Requirements Manager.

He moved to the USA in 2005 and joined Helicopter Adventures Inc. as the JAA Chief Flying Instructor in Titusville, Florida, before holding the positions of Titusville Campus General Manager, Commercial Programs Manager and EASA Head of Training since 2997 when Bristow group purchased Bristow Academy. He moved into his current role with L3 Link in September 2016. Nick holds ratings in the Bell 206 and Sikorsky 300 CBi, is an EASA Flight Examiner, and holds both EASA and FAA Commercial and Instructor rotorcraft qualifications. He has led the US Helicopter Safety Team Training Working Group since 2011, is the Industry Chair for USHST Outreach and is a member of the ICAO IPTC work-stream. He is also the Helicopter Association International 2017 Flight instructor of the Year.

He is married to Kathy, has two daughters and lives in Mansfield, Texas.



New USHST Analysis of Helicopter Fatal Accidents

Nick Mayhew will present a summary of the latest United States Helicopter Team (USHST) approach to analyzing 104 fatal helicopter accidents that occurred in the US between 2009 and 2013 and share the latest insight on safety recommendations in an effort to reach the goal of a 20% reduction in fatal accidents by 2020 with a vision of zero accidents.


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