WATS 2016

WATS 2016

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World Airline Pilot Conference Proceedings

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WATS 2016 Conference Chair: Chris Lehman, Editor-in-Chief, CAT Magazine

Moderator: Dr. Michael Karim

Day 1 – Tuesday 19th April 2016

Session 1 - Opening Remarks and Keynote Addresses (all conference tracks)

1) Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator
2) Earl Weener, Board Member, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) → PDF

Session 2 – The Opening Act: Industry Thought Leadership (all conference tracks)
1) Captain David Owens, Senior Director, Flight Crew Training Policy & Captain Jean-Michel Bigarré, Head of Training, Airbus
2) Captain Torbjorn Wischer, Global Leader Training Strategy, CAE 

Session 3 – S&T Regulatory Perspectives (WATS/RATS Pilot)
1) Captain Nathalie de Ziegler, Investigating Officer, Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses (BEA)
2) Robert Burke, Manager, AFS-280, FAA & Dr. Jeffery Schroeder, Chief Scientific & Technical Advisor for Flight Simulation Systems, FAA
Session 4 - Global Pilot Supply and F/O Training Issues (WATS/RATS Pilot)

1) J.R. Starch, Chief Operating Officer & Chief of Flight Operations, US Aviation Group
2) Captain John Weigand, Managing Director - Flight Standards, United Airlines & Dr. Tony Kern, CEO, Convergent Performance, LLC
3) Erfan Chowdhury, Management Consultant, Dassault Falcon Jet
Long Term Implications of Pilot Demand/Supply Facing the Airline Industry  


Day 2 – Wednesday 20th April 2016

Session 5 – Focus on Current Air Carrier Training Issues

1) Captain Chris Hanson, B777/787 Flight Training Manager, British Airways
2) Dr. Kathy Abbott, Chief Scientific & Technical Scientific Advisor for Flight Deck Human Factors, FAA
3) Dr. Nihad Daidzic, Minnesota State University/AAR Aerospace Consulting

Session 6 – Applying New Technologies in Air Carrier Training

1) Captain Warren Christie, Senior Vice President, Safety, Security and Training, JetBlue Airways
2) Captain Michael McCasky, Managing Director - Flight Training, United Airlines
3) Frank Rister, Certification Test Pilot & TRI on A320 and B737, truestream aerospace GmbH & Dr. Andreas Luedtke, Manager, Human-Centered Design Group, OFFIS Institute for Information Technology

Panel on “Airline UPRT Implementation Experience”
Moderated by Dr. Sunjoo Advani, IDT

This session will feature an exciting panel discussion to answer several questions regarding the correct implementation of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training in airlines around the globe. As aviation authorities begin to introduce rules, airlnes are developing creative methods to implement UPRT. As one would expect, there are similiarities and differences between the carriers, however the common thread is to develop the best training to counter the risk of undesirable aircraft states, including Loss of Control In Flight. The subject of manual flying skills will also be discussed during the session. → PDF

- Captain Jon Tovani, Delta Air Lines
Captain Paul Scully, Aer Lingus
- F/O Bradley Bennetts, South African Airlines
- Captain Christian Schmid, Lufthansa
- Captain Frank Cheeseman, ALPA-I Training


FAA National Simulator Program (NSP) Update with Q&A Session
- Larry McDonald, National Simulator Program (NSP) Manager, AFS-205
- Chuck Miller, Aviation Safety Inspector, FAA NSP
International Pilot Training Consortium (IPTC)
A panel session looking at the work of IPTC Working Group 3 on FSTD ATC Voice Communication Training.

Panel Moderator: Captain Mike Varney, Head of Training Strategy, Etihad Airways & President, Evidence-based Training Foundation 

- David Roe, Simulator Instructor, Cathay Pacific, Chairman IPTC Working Group 3
- Dr. Jeremy Goodman, Senior Manager, Micro Nav Ltd. (Quadrant Group) → PDF
- Dr. Janeen Adrion Kochan, President, ARTS Inc. → PDF
- Al Johnson, CEO, PlaneComm Ltd.

Day 3 – Thursday 21st April 2016

Session 7 – Simulation Technology Update (all conference tracks)

2) Justin Knaplund, Senior Staff Display Systems Engineer, FlightSafety International, Visual Systems
3) Tobe Ehmann, Simulation & Test Business Development Manager, Americas, Moog
The New Generation of Electric Motion → PDF

Session 8 – Mobile, e-Learning and New Media Insights (all conference tracks)

1) Dr. Suzanne Kearns, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario
2) Professor Lori J. Brown, Western Michigan University, College of Aviation
3) Kim Halat, CTO, Avsoft International

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