WATS 2017

WATS 2017

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World Airline Pilot Conference Proceedings


Instructions: To download a presentation, please use the PPTX or PDF provided and follow the on-screen instructions. Some files are large so if your browser does not open them successfully, try clicking with the right mouse key and choose the "Save link as..."  or "Save target as..." option to save the file direct to your desktop or network. 

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WATS 2017 Conference Chair: Chris Lehman, Editor-in-Chief, CAT Magazine

Moderator: Dr. Michael Karim

Day 1 – Tuesday 2nd May 2017
Session 1 - Opening Remarks and Keynote Addresses (all conference tracks)
1) Christopher A. Hart, Member, National Transportation Safety Board  → PDF
2) Captain Miguel Marin, Acting Chief, Operational Safety Section, ICAO  → PDF
The Future of ICAO PANS-TRG
Session 2 – The Opening Act: Perspectives on the Future of Aviation Training (all conference tracks)
1) Captain Torbjorn Wischer, Global Leader Training Strategy, CAE
Data-driven Training Insights  → PDF
2) Robin Glover-Faure, Vice President Airline Training, L3 Commercial Training Solutions
Total Training Solutions, From Pilot to Aircraft Maintainer  
3) Captain Jean-Michel Bigarré, Head of Training, Airbus Training Services & Captain Harry Nelson, Executive Ops Advisor to VP Airbus Safety 
The Future of Training   PDF
4) Jin Ho Choi, Deputy Director, Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Korean Government's Policy Model on Pilot Training & Supply  
Session 3 - Pilot Supply and New Hire Training Issues (WATS/RATS Pilot)
1) Todd Lisak, Chairman, ALPA National Training Council & Chairman, JetBlue Airways Training Committee & Captain Paul Ryder, Resource Coordinator, Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA)
2) Dr. Kevin Corns, Assistant Professor of Aerospace, Middle Tennessee State University
3) Karina Mesarosova, Managing Director, KM Flight Research and Training
Session 4 - Regulatory and Professional Environments (WATS/RATS Pilot)

1) Robert Burke, Manager, Air Carrier Training Systems and Voluntary Safety Programs Branch (AFS-280) FAA
FAA Initiatives and Regulatory Update  → PDF
3) Dennis Crider, Chief Technical Advisor Vehicle Simulation, NTSB

Day 2 – Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Session 5 –Focus on Current Air Carrier Training Issues (WATS Pilot)
1) Captain Mike Dorrian, Senior Manager, Standards and Training, Air New Zealand
2) First Officer Vic Ermolaev, A350 Pilot Instructor - Flight Training, Delta Air Lines
3) Captain Zhang Guiming, Director of Training & Operation Lab & Captain Xi Zhijian, Senior Researcher, Flight Safety Technology Institute, China Eastern Airlines
Session 6A - Air Carrier Training and HF Insights (WATS Pilot)
1) Captain John Ross, Senior Manager AQP and Human Factors & F/O Jim Owsley, Southwest Airlines
2) Captain Mike Varney, President, Evidence-Based Training Foundation
3) Wally Hines, Director of Standards, JETPUBS Inc. & Don Schmincke, The Schmincke Research Alliance
Session 6B – FSTD Technology Developments (WATS Pilot)
1) Dr. Jeremy Goodman, Senior Manager (Product Development), Quadrant Group & Professor Nickolas D. "Dan" Macchiarella, Professor of Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
2) Dr. Sunjoo Advani, President, International Development of Technology B.V.
Advances in FSTD Instructor Operating Stations (IOS)
3) Joris Molenaar, Application Engineer & Mark Veltena, Engineering Manager, Motion Systems and Controls, E2M Technologies B.V.
Session 6C - FAA National Simulator Program (NSP) Update and Q&A  → PDF (WATS Pilot)

Harvey E. Gay, Blue Team Supervisor, FAA NSP 
Richard Budd, Aerospace Engineer, FAA NSP

Day 3 – Thursday 4th May 2017
Session 7 – S&T Technology Future Trends Outlook (all conference tracks)
1) Brad Southwick, Principal Engineering Manager, Rockwell Collins
Visual System Technologies for Immersive Training Environments  → PDF
2) Michael S. French, Chief Operating Officer, LSI, Inc.
3) Joel Flinois, Helicopter Simulation Product Line Manager, Thales Training & Simulation 
Virtual Reality: A New Dimension for Helicopter Simulation  → PDF
Session 8 – Special Panel: Harnessing the Power of New Learning Environments (all conference tracks)
Special panel led by Dr. Suzanne Kearns  → PDF, will focus on the key strategies that are known to increase learning and retention. Panelists will offer specific examples from their own operational backgrounds and research.  
Panelists will include:
Captain Ken Shrum, Head of Training - Americas, Boeing Flight Services  → PDF
Dr. Kenneth Byrnes, Assistant Dean, College of Aviation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Captain Amit Singh, Consultant  → PDF
Lori J. Brown, Associate Professor, Western Michigan University, College of Aviation  → PDF

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