APATS 2012

APATS 2012

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Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium

28-29 August 2012 
Raffles City Convention Centre, Fairmont Singapore

Another success!

For 2012 the Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) returned to Singapore, a global centre aviation training excellence. We had 329 attendees from 36 countries, with 178 companies represented including 29 airlines.

The momentum behind the growth in demand for aviation in Asia continues, and with it the development and expansion of training solutions. Although pilot training is a global issue, there is a particular urgency in answering the immediate requirement for flight deck crew throughout Asia. The emergence of strong regional training providers, frequently established in partnership with major global partners, is now starting to bear fruit as increasing numbers of locally-trained pilots take their place in the cockpit.

APATS 2012 drew together expertise from the Asia Pacific regions well as the global network of civil aviation training specialists to bring together bring immense knowledge on the topics to be addressed.

We were privileged to have the keynote speech delivered by Mr Yap Ong Heng, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), who set the scene for this two day event. Alongside him we heard from the guru of Safety in Civil Aviation, Don Bateman of Honeywell, who is responsible for the development and adoption of GPWS and EGPWS into routine airline operations amongst many safety-related innovations. In that opening session we heard from Suzanne Roy, who as Vice President of CAE Oxford Aviation Academy has a particularly broad overview of the global and regional training trends.

Day 1

Day 1 featured several sessions on critical topics, starting with an absolutely fundamental question – where is the balance between automation and manual flying? Cultural differences should be taken into account to shape the form of training delivery, not just from a regional perspective, but through acknowledgement that the present generation joining the industry have a new approach to training – our experts delivered penetrating analyses on these issues. Ideas on the practical application of evidence based training (EBT) into all stages of the process will be examined and solutions proposed. Finally there was the opportunity to listen to another set of key players, the regulators, as they gave a view on some of the challenges in recent changes to training profiles.

Day 2

An APATS innovation for Day 2 was to reach across to other conference platforms, and facilitate greater interaction with the delegates. Delegates could use familiar IT, particularly smart phones and tablets, to deliver questions to the Moderator in real time.  The Moderator worked from live screens showing SMS questions and a webpage of the Halldale website. Subject Experts were on hand to answer questions on Automation/Manual Skills, Ab Initio Training, Aviation English, Technological Issues, and innovative Augmented Training Approaches.

Once again APATS brought fresh insights into the ever-changing world of pilot training. Experts at the top of their game were on hand to bring delegates up-to-date, with the latest effective training solutions on show in the Exhibition Hall.

Finally, the plentiful networking opportunities allowed delegates to explore issues further through direct engagement with the cream of training professionals in both the Conference Hall and the Exhibition Hall.

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