ACS Flight Training students can now complete EASA-approved Multi Crew Co-operation (MCC) and Jet Orientation Course (JOC) combined courses with Simtech Aviation.

The additional training is available to ACS students after they graduate from either a Fast Track ATPL modular course or CPL and Multi Engine Instrument Rating courses.

Spread over ten days, the intensive training will take place at Simtech Aviation’s 20,000 square foot facility a ten-minute drive from Dublin Airport. It is equipped with a student area and four simulators, including one for a Boeing 737-800 series and one for an Airbus A320.

Simtech Aviation’s MCC/JOC courses include 25 hours of ground school and 28 hours of XJ Generic Fixed Based Simulator training, combining both to familiarise pilots in the workings of a multi-crew environment and promote technical and non-technical skills. Ross Mitchell, one of ACS’ early students on the course, said it was great to be hands-on in the cockpit of a Boeing 737. He thought the training was comprehensive and supportive and he was impressed with the instructors, who were highly experienced current and retired airline pilots.

Mitchell went on to say he would strongly recommend this course to any would-be commercial pilot.

Elsewhere, ACS Flight Training recently upgraded to new technology at its Perth Airport base in Scotland.