In late 2019 Dominion Energy contracted CORYS Inc. to develop a full scope glass panel simulator for the VC Summer nuclear plant in South Carolina, USA. The purpose of the new simulator is to supplement the existing highly-utilized full scope training simulator, providing more opportunity for both licensed and non-licensed plant operators to enjoy the benefits of simulator training.

The glass panel simulator uses the exact same high fidelity models as the existing hard panel simulator, and runs under the CORYS T-REX simulator environment. To achieve the highest possible fidelity, Dominion specified that a complete set of native 4K graphics would be developed which replicate the control room controls and instruments. The glass panel simulator is required to be the same size as the actual control room panels, and the panel instruments and controls are to be same size and in the same spatial location as on the hard panels. Vertical panels which replicate control room back panels are also included.

To meet the Dominion requirements CORYS designed and constructed a simulator consisting of 51 65” 4k touch screen displays driven by 36 networked computers.

The Factory Acceptance Test program was successfully completed on July 19, 2020, but the facility to house the simulator at VC Summer remains under construction. As soon as the facility is completed CORYS engineers will ship the new simulator to the nuclear plant and install it on-site.