Missed the second day sessions of our APATS 2020 virtual conference? Don't worry, you can catch up with all the cabin crew discussion here. 

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Moderator - Trevor Jensen

Keynote Presentation – State of the Industry

IATA represented by the Regional Director, Mr. Blair Cowles, opened the conference with an overview of the situation of the airlines at this point. He looked at the projections of the recovery over the years, and the impact this has had, and will have, on the different groups of crewmembers.

Session 1 – With the restart of operations, Cabin Crew are put in direct contact with a high number of people, and thus the potential spreading of the virus. Wearing PPE, handling scared passengers, and applying new procedures will be challenging. This session focused on the issues of fear, safety, and emergeny procedures and the impact of the PPE equipment on the job of the Cabin Crew.

1. Richard Muralee, CEO, GRIP Training & Workshops Sdn Bhd
Fear During Post-Covid Start Up Period
2. Laura Khodakovskiy & Ashleigh Wilkinson
Cabin Crew Safety & Emergency Procedures Training Post Covid-19
3. Robin Pijnaker, CEO, Flame Aviation
PPE & Fire Training

Session 2 – In this session, we studied human aspects related to the cabin crew environment. What training does Cabin Crew get concerning disability passengers, and what do the Covid-19 rules do to that? How are the operations adapted to the new regulations? How does the mind cope with all this fear and change, and what is the impact on training retention? 

1. Geoff Trappett OAM, Inclusion Moves
Balancing Human Rights and Customer Service for Passengers with Disability in a Covid-19 Landscape
2. Dr. Rob Liddell, Medical Director, Medical Air
Revisiting the Cabin Environment
3. Professor Paul Bates, Head of Aviation, University of Southern Queensland
Learning Retention