Missed the maintenance sessions of our APATS 2020 virtual conference? Don't worry, you can catch up with all the final day discussion here. 

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Moderator: Geoff Hill

Keynote – State of the Industry
represented by the Regional Director, Blair Cowles, opened the conference with an overview of the situation of the airlines at this point. He looked at the projections of the recovery over the years, and the impact this has had, and will have, on the different groups of crewmembers.

Session 1 – This session brought, under the theme “PT145 Training Post Covid”, three experts together who shared the views from three different angles: an airline, a training organization, and the regulator.  

1. Stuart Membrey, Head of Training – Engineering, Cobham Aviation Services
2. Mark Thompson, Technical Training Manager, Aviation Australia
3. Matthew Castello, Maintenance Specialist Part 147 Team Leader – Northern Region, Regulatory Services & Serveillance, CASA

Sesson 2 – The issues resulting from the Covid crisis can also be a start to study new ways of training and bring new technology to maintenance training. Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Blended Learning are some of the items that were discussed in this session which looked to the future of maintenance training.

1. Sam Lee, Managing Director, Integra Aerospace Ltd.
Blended Learning: An Exceptional Way to Train Exceptional People
2. Professor Ron Bartsch, Chairman, Avlaw Aviation Consulting
The Corona Dilemma: 20-20 Thinking for the Next Normal
3. Liam McGuire, Executive Director, Opaque Interactive
XR-Based Training