On October 21, 2020, the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence virtually hosted the annual MESAS conference event. The event gathered experts from different domains: Military, Academia and Industry with 90 participants, 20 scientist papers and 10 companies.

MESAS 2020 was originally organized by NATO M&S COE within the Future Forces Forum 2020 event, but due to Covid-19 it was held virtually and compressed into one day.

The topics of the 2020 edition were: Autonomous any Systems/AI in Context of Future Warfare and Security Environment (Concepts, Applications, Standards, etc.); M&S of Intelligent Systems – R&D and Application; Future Challenges of Advanced M&S Technology.

The participants were welcomed by the messages of the NATO M&S CoE Director Colonel Michele Turi and the Dean of Faculty of Military Technology, University of Defence Colonel Vlastimil Neumann.

The MESAS conference is the venue to show important achievements, to present new projects and to get the community dealing with autonomous systems together. Stakeholders and subject matter experts from around the world shared experiences, expertise and lessons learned in plenary, workshops and breakout sessions dedicated to improving Modelling and Simulation topic related areas.

MESAS is an inter-domain and multi-disciplinary exchange of knowledge within M&S, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems and Robotics areas of interest, a scientific event with peer-reviewed proceedings (published by Springer). The idea to create a community of interest focused on M&S in support to the Autonomous Systems as well as the possibility of merging the two different communities of interest, M&S and autonomous systems, is more beneficial for research and development and for military operations every day dealing with an increasing number of unmanned vehicles.

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