Dr. Seamus Phan - Abstract

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Dr. Seamus Phan - Abstract

From Function to "What's Next" Leadership - Lessons of Leadership from Ancient China and Japan

The global shortage of pilots requires us to select only those who are motivated and exemplary in technical skills, aptitude and personality.

Aviation safety is all about redundancy and resilience, often left to the tandem of automation and standard operating procedures.

And yet, what happens when non-normal situations confront and confound the crew beyond the scope of training and SOPs.

How would the crew rise to extraordinary "leadership" to command the situation to a safe outcome? By being "What's Next" leaders!

The Human Performance module of the ATPL course only makes a cursory mention of leadership and behaviour. As ab-initio pilots transition to First Officers and Captains, how can airlines assess them as leaders beyond the ordinary, and how can these pilots excel beyond just the piloting skills of "flying" the aircraft?

Is there something outside what we are taught in CRM and TEM that could expand our leadership potential? There may just be; from the historical accounts from ancient China and feudal Japan.


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