EATS 2011

EATS 2011

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Instructions: To download a presentation, please use the [PPT], [PDF] or [ZIP] link provided and follow the on-screen instructions.

To download the speaker biographies and abstracts, please click on either the speaker name or presentation title. Biographies are either Word or PDF documents, and the presentations have been created for PowerPoint or Acrobat. All PowerPoint files have been password protected, please click on the ‘Read Only’ option when opening. Ideally, the latest version of PowerPoint, Acrobat and Word should be used to ensure full functionality. Some presentations may contain audio and/or video clips – appropriate media players may be required for viewing these. Presentations with multiple files have been zipped.

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Day 1 – Tuesday 8th November 2011

Session 1: Opening Remarks and Keynote Addresses

1. Josef Rada, General Director, Civil Aviation Authority, Czech Republic 
Personnel Training – Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Experience [PPT]
2. Roei Ganzarski, Chief Customer Officer, Boeing Flight Services
The Future of Aviation Training  [PPT]

Session 2: European Operational/Safety Issues

1. Miroslav Ehl, Head of Business Department, Czech Air Navigation Institute
Safeguarding Safety Through Training  [PPT]
2. Captain Christof Kemény, Manager Cockpit Crew Training, Lufthansa CityLine
Training Flight Safety  [PDF]
3. Joël Lebrun, Business Manager Airbus Training Policy, Airbus
Future Training Concept in Airbus  [PPT]

Session 3: Evolving Regulatory Environments

1. Matthias Borgmeier, Acting Head FCL Section, EASA Rulemaking Directorate
Part FCL – A Regulatory Update on the Future Licensing Requirements  [PDF]
2. John Wickenden, Head of EASA FCL & OPS Regulatory Affairs, CAE 
EU FCL / Training Organisation Regulations  [PPT]
3. Robert Barnes, President, International Association of Flight Training Professionals (IAFTP)    
    Captain Peter Wolfe, Executive Director, Professional Aviation Board of Certification (PABC) 
A New Tool for Instructor Training 
[PDF 1] [PDF 2]

Session 4: Pilot Demand, Training Regimes & Standards – Part 1

1. Captain Chris Mann, Head of Crew Training, easyJet
Managing Growth and Maintaining the Standard  [PPT]
2. Captain Christian Schmid, Training Standards Ab-Initio, Lufthansa
MPL - Multi-Crew Pilot License and Lufthansa Ab-Initio Pilot Training  [PDF]
3. Mike Poole, Director, Safety & Strategy, CAE Flightscape
Safety from the Start: Instilling a Safety Culture and Standardizing Safety Management Best Practices in Ab Initio Flight Schools  [PPT]

Day 2 – Wednesday 9th November 2011

Session 5: Pilot Demand, Training Regimes & Standards - Part 2

1. Anthony Petteford, Managing Director, Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA)
Airline Cadet Programmes – Evolution or Revolution  [PDF]
2. Ing. Michal Markovic, Training Manager, AeroJOB
Selection Procedure for Future Safety  [PPT]
3. Captain Mark Sawyer, Aerosim
    Maxime Wauters, COO, Belgian Flight School
Building a JAA/EASA Ab-initio Program in the United States  [PDF]

Session 6: Current Training Issues

1. Randall Brooks, International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes (ICATEE)
ICATEE Developments in Pilot Training to Mitigate Loss of Control in Flight  [PPT]
2. Vytis Zalimas, Baltic Aviation Academy 
Lifetime Cockpit Challenge: Moving from Soviet to Western-manufactured Aircraft Types [PPT]
3. Carsten Kappenberger, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Automation in Modern Airliner Cockpits – the Pilot’s View  [PPT]

Session 7: Evidence-Based Training and New Initiatives

1. Mike Poole, Director, Safety & Strategy, CAE Flightscape
    Viktor Robeck, Assistant Director, Safety Data Management, IATA
Bridging Safety and Training and the Global Safety Information Center (GSIC)  [PDF]
2. Leen van der Spek, Secretary of IAAPS, Chief Ground Instructor, KLM Flight Academy
Training Practice from the Playing Field to Evidence-Based Pilot Training  [PPT]
3. Hector Slcar, Director, Avieduc Aviation Training

Session 8: Mobile Learning and Training Redefined

Captain Herbert Schwarz, Chairman of the Aerospace Industries Computer based Training Committee (AICC), will lead a panel of experts to discuss new developments in mobile learning and training. One of the most exciting developments is the ability to use the Full Flight Simulator live via the internet, and access the simulation from CBT. The panel will consider this topic and also a wide range of other airline mobile learning subjects. The panel will consist of:
- Captain Bo Nielsen, Director of Training, SAS
- Captain Guenter Haemmerle, Technical Manager, Hong Kong Airlines
- Captain Roland Gatt, CFO, infoWERK multimedia GmbH
- Gerhard Schwed, Head of E-Learning Center, Danube University Krems 
- Arndt Bubenzer, CEO, common sense elearning
- William McDonald, Boeing Training & Flight Services

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