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Issue 4/2017 - Annual Training Sourcebook

Advertising Deadline - 21st July 2017
Publication Date - 10th August 2017

2017 Industry Perspectives - CAT takes an extensive look at the major industry trends and developments through the last three years. This is being done through the prism of companies in different S&T spaces, from major system integrators and training system manufacturers, through to component vendors, including visual IGs, displays and projectors, as well as motion  and flight control feedback systems.

FSTD Regulatory and Training Issues - A summary of the most significant global regulatory and training issues driving the manner in which FSTD devices are specified, built and utilised. This feature will include an update on ICAO 9625, as well as FAA Part 60 and the impact to simulation training. The latest updates on Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) will be part of the discussion, as will the current global narrative on Competency-based Training and data-driven/individualised training. Finally, recent developments in Europe towards Performance-based Regulation (PBR) will be summarised.

Asia Pacific Training Resources - Korea - The Korean aviation idustry consistently demonstrates capabilities in most aerospace applications including aerospace manufacturing, training, UAV's and space system applications. In both defence technologies and commercial aviation, Korea has extensive global connections and this has helped build sophisticated domestic aerospace infrastructure. CAT traveled to Korea to investigate the most significant aviation training resources. 

JEJU Air Profile - A look at the training expertise of Korean Low Cost Carrier, JEJU Air. As Korea's first low-cost airline, it also helped found the Value Alliance, the world's first pan-regional low-cost carrier (LCC) alliance, comprising eight Asia Pacific LLCs. The airline's fleet consists of 28 B737-800 aircraft and it serves 30 destinations and 41 Asia-Pacific region routes. 

Cabin Crew Training Insights - In the cabin crew conference stream at the recent WATS event, an enormous amount of highly relevant and topical information was delivered by some of the world's leading cabin training experts. CAT explores the range of issues, and updates readers on cabin training technology, learning techniques, human factors, security issues, and the many proactive cabin safety initiatives.

Maintenance Training Issues - An industry insider tells us that yes, the Boomers are indeed hanging up their wrenches, and we had all better prepare. In some cases the technician workforce sits at 50% of staff eligible to retire. This has been a "known" and predictable event concerning every maintenance organization for the last decade. For the most part, mitigation steps have been put into place to address the retirement bulge, but add the cyclical trends of the industry into the pot, and further analysis and action needs to take palce. The considered views of three airlines and one MRO are a central focus of this feature. 

Implementing Evidence-based Training (EBT) - Part 2 - The training of instructors conducting EBT is at the core of successful EBT implementation at operators and training organisations. This article is the second of a two-part series looking at how to deliver training to instructors conducting EBT. In this issue CAT looks at competency observation and development, facilitation and the emphasis on positive performance during training.

2017 Flight Simulator Census - The 2017 annual update of the CAT Flight Simulator Census, including technical details such as engine type and aircraft configuration, motion system, visual displays/IG, and civil authority qualification level - all collated from the installed base of civil flight simulators in service around the globe. Sourcebook published data represents a sub-set of the extensive and full database available online.

EATS 2017 Preview - A preview of CAT Magazine's renowned European Airline Training Symposium (EATS), to be held 31 October to 1 November in Berlin, Germany. With both pilot and cabin training streams, EATS is the largest annual gathering of aviation training professionals in Europe.

Supplier Spotlight - A listing of suppliers of civil aviation training and simulation technology and services.



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