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Merlin Flight Simulation Buys Diamond Visionics’ GenesisIG

Posted on Monday 24th August 2015 | Airline

Merlin Fight Simulation Group has purchased a Diamond Visionics GenesisIG for Swansea University's School of Engineering as an upgrade for its MP521 engineering flight simulator.

Merlin Flight Simulation teamed with Antycip Simulation, a reseller of Diamond Visionics products across Europe, to provide worldwide geo-typical terrain with runways and approach lighting on all of the airfields on the terrain.

Creating high-fidelity 60hz terrain images directly from GIS source data, on the fly means that accurate, detailed terrain databases for anywhere on the planet can be produced almost instantly.

Merlin Flight Simulation Group specializes in producing simulation systems for academic air vehicle design and performance evaluation, with customers in the UK, the USA, and Europe. The company says Diamond Visionics’ Genesis based-system is the perfect visual for its latest innovation, the MP525 two seater, electric motion based system.

Diamond Visionics produces 3D visualization, image generation, and interactive source editing tools for the operational and simulation markets.


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Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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