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Marymount University Adds Two New Patient Simulators

Posted on Tuesday 6th August 2013 | Medical

Marymount University's Malek School of Health Professions added two new patient simulators – a pregnant mother and newborn infant – to its simulation laboratories. The purchase was made possible by a $54,000 grant from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst).

Now, Marymount, in Arlington, Virginia, can offer real-life clinical experiences in all patient treatment areas, including delivery and infant care. Improving the availability and quality of maternal and child health care is a priority funding area for CareFirst – and it believes enhancing the educational experiences of future health care providers is key to achieving this goal.

The simulators provide a bridge to clinical and students learn to handle all types of cases, according to Karen Mitturn, Marymount’s simulation coordinator. In just one class, the students might deal with a mother who is Rh-negative, has gestational diabetes, and is Group B Strep positive; assist with the birth of a large baby who is stuck with shoulder dystocia; and cope with an emergency early-term birth where the umbilical cord passed by the baby’s head, cutting off blood flow.

Assisting the birth of a child requires the coordination of multiple skills and working through cases with the simulators lets students learn and practice skills in a safe environment, so they will be capable and cool-headed when they reach the labor and delivery room as nurses.


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Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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