SECA 2016

SECA 2016

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Student Education and Careers in Aviation

We are excited to announce the inaugural year of our Academic Breakout SECA; Student Education & Careers in Aviation. SECA will happen all day Thursday, April 21st at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida. SECA is closely tied with WATS and its long running participating business and organizations. Participants will have full access to the WATS exhibiting hall as well as a half day of tailored presentations and quality Q&A’s. We are looking forward to having content that is tailored to the current and future students of the aviation industry. This unique opportunity will also give insights into what the industry is expecting from new graduates and how individuals can succeed.


Registration 8:00-8:30am

Network/Opening Remarks 8:30-9:00am

 -Andy Smith - Publisher & CEO, Halldale

- Dr. Suzanne Kearns - President, UAA

Opportunities in Aviation 9:00-10:00am

 - Moderated by: Dr. Mary Niemczyk

 - Steve Taylor - Chief Pilot, Boeing Flight Services
(The Right Job in Aviation is not a job, it is a Passion)

 - Bruce Hall - G. M. Customer Training, Pratt & Whitney

 - Darrin Greubel - G. M. Flight Operations, ExpressJet

 - Dawn Flanagan - Technical Officer, ICAO

 - Jeanne LaVoy - WATS Cabin Crew Stream Moderator and Organizer

Exhibitor Floor 10:00-12:30pm

Lunch 12:45-1:45pm

- Capt. Paul Preidecker - Chief Flight Instructor, Air Wisconsin

- Nelson Perez - Associate Dir. of Admission Outreach, Aerosim Flight Academy

A Day in the Life of an Industry Expert 1:45-3:45pm Expert/Scenarios

Open Q&A, Comments, Adjournment 3:45-4:30pm

 - Moderated by: Dr. Suzanne Kearns

 - Pilot Nick Sorkki - Endeavor Air

 - Captain Randall Vinson -FedEx

 - Steven Pennington - Senior Manager, Maintenance Training, Boeing

 - Captain J.D. DeBoskey - Future Flyers Fndn. of FLA

 - Jay Osberg - Jet Blue

 - Pilot Pamela Barber - Spirit Airlines


Academia, Industry and Organizations will be represented. This will give participants a well-rounded view into the Civil Aviation industry. Halldale/CAT Magazine has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response to SECA and is eager and motivated to make it a huge success. We are currently in talks with multiple groups to develop content and plan the flow of events. If you are interested in being involved, want to sponsor, or participate, please feel free to contact Adam Graney.

We are confident that this will be a great opportunity for everyone involved and plan to make this a staple at future WATS events. Hope to see you at SECA in 2016!

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