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ACA and Pan Am Launch New ATPL Programme

ACA are offering a full-time JAA ATPL Programme which features a MCC and a Jet Orientation Course provided by Pan Am International Flight Academy. Ac

29th Feb 2012 | Airline | Airline Career Academy | MCC training | Pan Am International Flight Academy | pilot training | ProPilot

Mechtronix FSTD's for Flight Training Adelaide

Mechtronix Systems Inc. and Flight Training Adelaide have signed a contract for the purchase of a Mechtronix Ascent XJ Trainer.

26th May 2011 | Airline | A320 | Ascent XJ Trainer | FFT X | Flight Training Adelaide. | MCC training | Mechtronix | pilot training

OAA Opens Two New Pilot Training Facilities in Melbourne

Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA) Australia expanded its ab initio airline pilot training facilities in Melbourne by opening two additional training centres.

25th Mar 2011 | Airline | Australia | Cessna 172 | MCC training | Moorabbin Airport | MPL | Oxford Aviation Academy

OAA Selects Mechtronix FNPT's for Australia Base

Mechtronix Systems Inc. has announced the purchase of two flight simulation training devices by Oxford Aviation Academy for their Australian center in Melbourne

1st Sep 2010 | Airline | Ascent Flight Trainer | Ascent Jet Trainer | MCC training | Mechtronix | Oxford Aviation Academy | pilot training | training device

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