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Case Study: Human Patient Simulation Boosts Competence and Confidence for Clinicians at WakeMed Health & Hospitals

One forward-thinking healthcare system has integrated multidisciplinary simulation into the workplace, and it’s had a momentous impact.

19th Mar 2014 | CAE | Medical Simulation | medical training | patient simulator | WakeMed Health & Hospitals | Medical

Howard University Opens New Simulation Center

Howard University opened its new $5 million virtual medical training facility to help advance the education of future doctors and healthcare professionals.

24th Jan 2014 | Medical | Howard University | medical education | medical simulation training | patient simulator

CAE Healthcare Sells 1,000th iStan Patient Simulator

CAE Healthcare has sold its 1,000th iStan patient simulator to the Paris Simulation Center at the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

1st Nov 2012 | Medical | CAE Healthcare | iStan | Medical Simulation | medical training | patient simulator

Columbus Community Hospital Opens Sim Center

Columbus Community Hospital, in Columbus, OH, has recently opened a medical simulation center.

15th Dec 2011 | Medical | Medical Simulation | medical training | patient simulator

CAE Healthcare Launches CAE Caesar, Trauma Patient Simulator

CAE Healthcare launched a patient simulator designed to enhance the training of soldier medics and other organizations involved in trauma patient care.

24th Jan 2011 | Medical | CAE Caesar | CAE Healthcare | Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology | CIMIT | patient simulator | TATRC | Telemedicine & Advanced Technology | Trauma | U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

I/ITSEC 2008 and Medical Simulation

Medical simulation was a significant stream at I/ITSEC 2008. Chuck Weirauch outlines the activities.

8th Dec 2010 | I/ITSEC | Medical Simulation | patient simulator | Medical

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