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VirTra Receives $12.2 Million IDIQ Awards from US Customs & Border Protection

VirTra Systems, Inc. has received two IDIQ contracts from US Customs and Border Protection, an agency within the US Department of Homeland Security.

27th Sep 2016 | Defence | firearms training simulator | VirTra Systems

Use of Force Simulators Contract Awarded to VirTra

VirTra Systems, Inc. has received a contract award of approximately $1 million from the Australian Border Force.

24th Aug 2016 | Defence | Australian Border Force | use-of-force simulator | VirTra Systems

TASER X2 Training Capability Added to VirTra Sim Product Line

VirTra Systems, Inc. has released a new training capability for VirTra's simulator product line that is compatible with the TASER® X2™ CEW.

4th Aug 2016 | Defence | firearms training | TASER X2 | VirTra Systems

VirTra Wins US Secret Service Simulator Order

VirTra Systemsreceived a $1.2 million award from the U.S. Secret Service for use-of-force training systems.

7th Oct 2015 | Defence | military simulation training | U.S. Department of Homeland Security | U.S. Secret Service | use-of-force training | VirTra Systems

VirTra Wins Homeland Security Firearms Simulator Order

VirTra Systems, a provider of use of force training and shooting simulators, won a $5.96 million U.S. Department of Homeland Security contract.

9th Feb 2015 | Defence | military simulation training | US Department of Homeland Security | VirTra 300 | VirTra Systems | VirTra V-Author

Firearms Training Simulator Orders

VirTra Systems generated a record $2.2 million in sales orders last month with purchases made by a variety of customers.

16th Sep 2014 | Defence | firearms training simulator | VirTra Systems

VirTra Sells Simulator to New Jersey County

VirTra Systems sold its VirTra 300 LE Simulator to the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management in New Jersey.

4th May 2012 | First Responder & Security | Hudson County | New Jersey | VirTra Systems | VirTra-300 LE

VirTra Systems Adds Director of Department of Defense Sales

VirTra Systems hired of Jason Mulcahy as VirTra's liaison to the government and military community.

30th Apr 2012 | Defence | Danaher Corporation | Mulcahy | Reality Engineering | U.S. Army | VirTra Systems

VirTra Systems Gets New Simulation Contracts

VirTra Systems received new simulation contracts in the U.S. and abroad.

17th Apr 2012 | Defence | firearms training simulator | military training | Threat-Fire | VirTra Systems

Shooting Range Simulator Ordered by U.S. Marine Corps

VirTra Systems won a contract award for two shooting range simulators from the United States Marine Corps.

28th Oct 2011 | Defence | U.S. Marine Corps | VirTra Systems

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