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VirTra Sells Simulator to New Jersey County

VirTra Systems sold its VirTra 300 LE Simulator to the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management in New Jersey.

4th May 2012 | First Responder & Security | Hudson County | New Jersey | VirTra Systems | VirTra-300 LE

VirTra Sells Judgmental Use-of-Force Simulators to U.S. Marshals Service

VirTra Systems won a contract award for two VirTra 300 judgmental use-of-force simulators from the U.S. Marshals Service.

3rd Oct 2011 | First Responder & Security | firearms training | U.S. Marshals Service | VirTra 300 | VirTra Systems

VirTra Systems Receives New $1 Million Order From Gander Mountain

VirTra Systems received an order from Gander Mountain for its Gander Mountain Academies that offer firearms training.

23rd Jun 2011 | First Responder & Security | Gander Mountan | VirTra 180 | VirTra 300 | VirTra Range | VirTra Systems

VirTra Systems Sells Fifth Firearms Simulator to Institute of Technology

VirTra Systems sold a fifth firearms simulator to the Institute of Technology in Stockton, California.

4th Feb 2011 | Academia M&S | California | Institute of Technology | Stockton | VirTra Systems | VirTra-300 LE simulator

Firearm Simulator Installation

VirTra Systems, Inc. has completed a third firearm simulator installation at the Institute of Technology, Citrus Heights campus.

27th Jul 2010 | Academia M&S | firearm simulator | Institute of Technology | VirTra Systems | VirTra-300 LE simulator

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