WATS 2010

WATS 2010

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Cabin Crew Proceedings

Instructions: To download the speaker presentations please click on the link provided and follow the on-screen instructions. Biographies and abstracts are Word documents, and the presentations have been created in PowerPoint. Some files have been compressed using WinZip to reduce download time.

Ideally, the latest version of PowerPoint and Word should be used to ensure full functionality. Some presentations may contain audio and/or video clips – appropriate media players may be required for viewing these. WAV files can be downloaded and played through Windows-based media players.


Organised with:  SCSI

Tuesday 27 April 2010

0900-1000  Session 1 - Opening Remarks and Keynote Addresses (all conference tracks)

1. Mr. J. Randolph Babbitt, Administrator, FAA
2. Captain Rory Kay, Executive Air Safety Chairman, ALPA

1100-1230 Session 2 - Operational Safety Insights (all conference tracks)

1. Captain Winston Scott, Dean, College of Aeronautics, Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)
"Training Lessons from the Space Program and Military Aviation"  [pptx]
2. Captain John Bent, Director Training Strategy, Sino-Foreign Aviation Education Associates Ltd.
“Training for Safety”  [pptx]
3. Dr. Kathy Abbott, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor, Flight Deck Human Factors, FAA and Captain John Cox, President/CEO, Safety Operating Systems.
"Beyond Pilot Error: Aviation Safety and Training"  [pptx]

1400-1530  Session 3 - WATS/SCSI Cabin: Cabin Training Trends

1. Captain Dietrich Langhof, Manager Safety and Security, Condor Airlines and Captain Phillip Heinbockel, Training Manager, Condor Airlines
“Electrical Smoke at 35,000, Evacuation on the Ground, Lessons Learned”
2. Ivan Noel, CEO, Inflight Innovations
“Unruly Passenger Training – A New Perspective”
3. Vicki Jurgens, United Airlines, Association of Flight Attendants, MEC Health, Safety and Security Chair and Sandra Ingram, Mgr., Onboard Service, Health, Safety and Security, United Airlines
“CRM-Closed Door, Open Communication”  [ppt]

1615-1745 Session 4 – WATS/SCSI Cabin: Safety, a Driving Force to Training

1. Capt. John Gadzinski, The Spectrum Group
“Managing Risk”  [ppt]
2. Larry Parrigin, Southwest Airlines
“Midway in the Snow, Lessons Learned”  [ppt]
3. John Ross, The Spectrum Group, CEO, OK3 Group
“Meeting SMS Goals through Risk Management and AQP" 

Wednesday 28 April 2010

0900-1030 Session 5 - WATS/SCSI Cabin: Promotion of Safety Culture

1. Dr. Robert (Bob) Matthews, Sr. Safety Analyst, Office of Accident Investigation, FAA
“Routinely Training to and Reinforcing Good Standard Operating Procedures:  One Cost-Effective Use of Finite Training  Resources”  [ppt]
2. Chris Hallman, Founder and President, Great Circle Consulting, Inc. and Greg Hegarty, Manager Emergency Procedures Training & Programs, United Air Lines Inc.
“Preparing Flight Attendant Instructors and Evaluators for the Transition to AQP”  [ppt]
3. Carlos Dias, TAP, Portugal
“SIG”  [ppt]

1115-1245 Session 6 - WATS/SCSI Cabin: Security Training

1. Lori J. Brown, Western Michigan University, College of Aviation
“Both Sides of the Cockpit Door: a Global study of Pilot/Flight Attendant Coordination and Communication”  [pptx]
2. Jerry van den Berg, General Manager, Be Secure Nederland and Marty Aarts, General Manager, Be Secure Nederland,
“Training to Changing Industry Security Guidelines”  [pptx]
3. Jeanne Elliott, Northwest Airlines, Association of Flight Attendants, MEC Chair, Air Safety, Health and Security
“The New Reality; Security in an Unsettled World”  [ppt]

1415-1545  WATS/SCSI Cabin: Workshops Session I

- “Blood Borne Pathogens”, Sharon Morphew, SCSI
- “Global Harmonization and You”, Pascale LaChance, Transport Canada
- "Fatigue Countermeasures Training for Flight Attendants",  Erica Hauck, Dr. Katrina Avers & Dr. Tom Nesthus, FAA.

1615-1745 WATS/SCSI Cabin: Workshops Session II

- “Mastering Seamless Communication in a Multinational Taskforce”,  Judy Ravin, President of Accent Reduction Institute
- “SIG Meeting/Interactive with the Agenda”, Carlos Dias, TAP
- "Flying Empty -  the Cabin Crew Crunch",  Ivan Noel, Inflight Innovations


Thursday 29 April 2010

0900-1030  Session 7:  WATS/SCSI Cabin: Health Issues

1. Dr. Paulo Alves, MD, MSc, VP of Aviation and Maritime Health, MedAire, Inc.
“CPR and AED Training:  Is It Working?”  [pptx]
2. Dr. Thomas E. Nesthus, Ph.D., Engineering Research Psychologist, FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute
“Directed FAA Research on Flight Attendant Fatigue”  [pdf]
3. Anna Mellberg Karlsson, Emergency and CRM Instructor, Novair
“Challenge for a Realistic Training in the Small Company” 

1115-1245  Session 8: WATS/SCSI Cabin: Lesson Learned

1. Candace Kolander, Association of Flight Attendants (AFA)
“Hudson River Flight Attendant Presentation”  [ppt]
2. Philip Baum, President, Green Light Ltd., Editor, Aviation Security International
 “Christmas Day 2009: Implications for Aircrew”  [pptx]

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