WATS 2010

WATS 2010

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RATS Pilot Proceedings

Instructions: To download the speaker presentations please click on the link provided and follow the on-screen instructions. Biographies and abstracts are Word documents, and the presentations have been created in PowerPoint. Some files have been compressed using WinZip to reduce download time.

Ideally, the latest version of PowerPoint and Word should be used to ensure full functionality. Some presentations may contain audio and/or video clips – appropriate media players may be required for viewing these. WAV files can be downloaded and played through Windows-based media players.


Tuesday 27 April 2010

0900-1000  Session 1 - Opening Remarks and Keynote Addresses (all conference tracks)

1. Mr. J. Randolph Babbitt, Administrator, FAA
2. Captain Rory Kay, Executive Air Safety Chairman, ALPA

1000-1100 Coffee - Sponsored by EPST & MPS

1100-1230 Session 2 - Operational Safety Insights (all conference tracks)
1. Captain Winston Scott, Dean, College of Aeronautics, Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)
"Training Lessons from the Space Program and Military Aviation"  [pptx]
2. Captain John Bent, Director Training Strategy, Sino-Foreign Aviation Education Associates Ltd.
“Training for Safety”  [pptx]
3. Dr. Kathy Abbott, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor, Flight Deck Human Factors, FAA and Captain John Cox, President/CEO, Safety Operating Systems.
"Beyond Pilot Error: Aviation Safety and Training"  [pptx]

12:30-1400 Lunch - Sponsored by CAE

1400-1530  Session 3 – WATS/RATS Pilot: New Training Paradigms
1. Mr. Mohamed Elamiri, Head, ICAO Audit Programmes
“Update on ICAO’s Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Initiatives”  [pptx]
2. Lou Nemeth, CAE
“From Candidate to Flight Crew: Keeping your Airline One Step Ahead in Pilot Selection and Provisioning”  [ppt]
3. Anthony Petteford, Oxford Aviation Academy and Capt Matthias Kippenberg  [ppt]
“Providing MPL to a 3rd party airline pilot training market"

1530-1615 Coffee - Sponsored by EPST & MPS

1615-1745 Session 4 - WATS/RATS Pilot: Dealing with Today's Training Issues
1. Dr. Janeen Kochan, ARTS Inc.
“From ‘Now-Gen’  to ‘Next-Gen’ Pilots: Do We Need (More) New Rules?”  [pptx]
2. Captain Cor Blokzijl, Director Flight Operations, Mandala Airlines
“The Impact of Cockpit Automation on Pilot Training”  [ppt]
3. Scott Nutter, General Manager, Research, AQP & Development, Delta Air Lines
“Creating the Largest Pilot Training Program in the World”  [ppt]

1745 Networking Reception - Sponsored by Airbus Training

Wednesday 28 April 2010

0900-10:30 Session 5 - RATS: Regional Airline New Hire Training Perspectives
1. Captain John O’Brien, Delta Connection Academy
“Future Pilots Initiative”  [pptx]
2. Captain Darrin Greubel, Manager of Flight Standards, ASA
"Hiring and Training the "Structured" pilot.  A Regional's Perspective"  [ppt]
3. Captain James Nides, VP Flight Operations and Maintenance, ExpressJet Airlines
"The Airline Pilot... Is the career in trouble?  [ppt]

10:30-1115 Coffee - Sponsored by Sabena Flight Academy Development

1115-1245 Session 6 - RATS: Regional Airline Training Challenges
1. Captain Larry Neal, Senior Manager Flight Training, Comair
“Advanced Qualification Program – The Next Generation of Pilot Training”  [ppt]
2. Paul Kolisch, Flight Operations Training, Mesaba  Airlines
"Approach to Stall Training - Pedantic or Practical"
3. Captain Marcus Smith, Manager of Flight Training, SkyWest Airlines and Captain David Moxham, Manager of Recurrent Training, SkyWest Airlines
“Technology in the Classroom”  [ppt]

1245-1415 Lunch - Sponsored by Mechtronix

1415-1545 RATS Breakout Session I – “Key Safety Initiatives that will have Significant Influence on Pilot Training”
Scott Foose, Vice President, Regional Airline Association (RAA) will moderate the Key Safety Initiatives panel of speakers, addressing four important issues for the regional airline industry.
1. John Duncan, Division Manager, Air Transportation Division, FAA
“Regulatory Landscape”  [ppt]
2. Dr. Beth Lyall, President and Chief Scientist, Integrated Solutions 
“Cockpit Human Factors”  [ppt]
3. Darrin Smith, Delta Air Lines
“Threat Error Management (TEM)”  [ppt]
4. Captain Robert Tapaszi, Manager of Flight Training Programs, Compass Airlines
“Captain Leadership Training”  [pptx]

1545-1615 Coffee - Sponsored by Sabena Flight Academy Development

1615-1745 RATS Breakout Session II – “Key Safety Initiatives Q&A”
Greg Wooley, Senior Director Training & Standards, ExpressJet will moderate this Q&A session featuring the speakers from Breakout Session I.  Robin Wall, Director – Flight Operations Training, SkyWest Airlines, representing the RAA Flight Training Committee, and everyone attending this session will participate.
The “Talk Show” format used during this session will enable the panelists to discuss Breakout Session I topics and to take questions from the attendees.

Thursday 29 April 2010

0900-1030 Session 7 – Simulation Technology Update (all conference tracks)
1.Graeme Ogilvie, ALSIM
“How are Advances in Technology Helping in Initial Pilot Training?”  [pptx]
2. David White, Chief Scientist, Thales
“B787 Training Technologies”
3. Kip Caudrey, Senior Manager Simulator Evaluation, Standards, and Regulatory Affairs, Boeing Training
"Are we getting maximum training value using currently available simulation technology?"  [ppt]

10:30-1115 Coffee

1115-1245 Session 8 – Focus on e-Learning for Air Carriers (all conference tracks)
WATS Session conducted by Herbert Schwarz, Chairman of the Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC).
1. Brad Cooper, Senior Vice President Research, Plateau Systems
“ROI in Training – Finding the Right Approach and Strategies for Making the LMS Case in Today’s Cost-Cutting Climate”  [ppt]
2. John Alonso, CTO, Outstart
“The Flying Classroom – Mobile Learning for the Mobile Workforce: Can We Afford Not to Do It?”  

1245 - Lunch on your own

1400 - Close of Exhibition

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