WATS 2012

WATS 2012

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World Aviation Training Conference & Tradeshow 2012

Date: 17-19 April 2012
Venue: Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA

The World Aviation and Regional Airline Training Conference & Tradeshow marked its 15th year of bringing the global industry together for three days of intensive information sharing and networking. Some 930 training professionals representing hundreds of companies, 82 airlines and 48 countries, reaffirmed the status of WATS as the world's largest gathering of airline professionals.

WATS meets the needs of everyone in the training community with four individual conference streams targeted to world airline pilots, regional airline pilots, cabin crew and maintenance crews.


  • Michael Huerta, FAA
  • Nancy Graham, ICAO
  • Captain Mike Carriker, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Captain Chrisof-J Kemény, Lufthansa CityLine GmbH
  • Captain John Cox, Safety Operating Systems
  • John Allen, FAA
  • Dr. Gerald Dillingham, US Government Accountability Office (GAO)
  • Captain Peter Wolfe, PABC
  • Captain Arnie Kraby, Delta Air Lines
  • Sauli Kuortti, Finnish Aviation Academy
  • Lori Brown, Western Michigan University
  • Shelby Beauregard, Western Michigan University
  • Captain Jacques Drappier, Airbus
  • Captain Lou Németh, CAE
  • Captain Amit Singh, IndiGo
  • Captain Bryan Burks, Alska Airlines
  • Captain Richard Sowden, GE Aviation Fuel & Carbon Solutions
  • Anthony Gagliardo, FAA
  • Captain Carl Davis, Boeing Flight Services
  • Jim Dow, ICAO
  • Carl Marquis, ICAO
  • Dr. Sunjoo Advani, ICATEE
  • Captain Paul Preidecker, Air Wisconsin Airlines
  • Captain Paul Railsback, Airlines for America
  • Captain Darrin Greubel, ExpressJet
  • Professor Kent Lovelace, University of North Dakota
  • Captain Robert BUrke, FAA
  • Ms. Aysha Al Hamili, ICAO
  • Greg Hindson, ENAC
  • Ms. Angela Ng, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
  • Sherry Reese, FAA
  • Captain Keith Stamper, Trans States Airlines
  • Captain Craig Bentley, Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines
  • Captain Shane Losee, SkyWest Airlines
  • Suranga Wickramasekera, Thales Training & Simulation
  • Dan Littmann, FlightSafety International
  • Nick Papadopoli, Adacel Inc.
  • Tom King, Boeing Flight Services
  • Katy Pryde, Boeing Flight Services
  • Dr. Suzanne Kearns, University of Western Ontario
  • Matthias Groppe, Pilot Training Network
  • Captain Jim Green, Utah Valley University
  • Captain Mark Sawyer, Aerosim
  • Lynne McMullen, Seneca College
  • Captain Darrin Greubel, ExpressJet Airlines
  • Terry Hibler, FlightSafety International
  • Captain Paul Kolisch, Pinnacle Airlines
  • Carlos Sotomayor, Lufthansa LAN Technical Training
  • Robert Donald, Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace
  • Terry Michmerhuizen, Western Michigan University
  • Scott Ariotti, DiSTI Corporation
  • Michael Kalbow, Airbus
  • Richard D'Loss, Rubicon Aviation Training
  • Hans-Jörg Lotter, infoWERK
  • Dr. Bill Johnson, FAA
  • Pierre Bérubé, CAE
  • Erik Tobler, Aerosim
  • Thierry Crespo, NGRAIN
  • Anna Mellberg Karlsson, Novair
  • Captain Johan Boström, Novair
  • Wolfgang Jabornik, Flight Attendant Safety Training
  • Ann-Charlott Strandberg, Cabin Aviation Training (CAT)
  • Dr. Doug Farrow, FAA
  • Maria Teresa Cook, United Airlines
  • Tiffany LaTour, US Airways
  • Dr. Paulo M. Alves, MedAire
  • Larry Parrigin, Southwest Airlines
  • Paul Kirkley, AirTran Airways
  • Stephen Howell, US Airways
  • Michelle Farkas, Delta Air Lines
  • Ivan Noël, Inflight Innovations
  • Michaela Green, GoJet Airlines
  • Myrna Andrews, SkyWest Airlines
  • Megan Hallenberg, SkyWest Airlines
  • Martin Maurino, ICAO
  • Sherry Saehlenou, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Kris Hutchings, WestJet
  • Colette Hilliary, FlightSafety International
  • Shari Frisinger, CornerStone Strategies
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