Visionary Training Resources (VTR) has established a formal relationship with CommuteAir, which will incorporate VTR’s advanced training technology into the pilot training curriculum at CommuteAir. 

The partnership agreement will begin with Embraer ERJ145 ground-based procedural flows, with additional opportunities to expand to multiple features, including non-normal and emergency scenarios. CommuteAir spent more than two years reviewing virtual reality (VR) opportunities and the past year incorporating VR into an AQP training footprint. CommuteAir expects to train hundreds of pilots over the next two years, beginning with flight deck flows for initial training. 

Lance Lau, CommuteAir’s Director of Flight Crew Training, said “VTR’s virtual reality headsets and handsets will enhance our current training program for the more than 200 pilots we’re hiring annually by enabling them to familiarize themselves with our aircraft’s cockpit using a realistic simulation. CommuteAir trainees will practice flight deck orientation, flows, and procedures with the assistance of the VTR’s virtual instructor and eye-tracking features.”

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