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Vallair and College de Paris have formed a new aviation maintenance training program, fostering the next generation of experts.   23 July 2024
British soldiers are testing a smartwatch to control drones in battlefield technology trials.   23 July 2024
Elle Betchley joins CAE as the fifteenth Women in Flight Ambassador, a movement that aims to inspire future generations of women aviators.   23 July 2024
Kathryn B. Creedy highlights Dr. Kimberly Perkins' study on bias and psychological safety in aviation, showing that enhanced training significantly improves safety and crew communication on the flight deck.   23 July 2024
Reiser has successfully attained D3 Flight Model qualification for the Swiss Air-Rescue Rega H145 Full-Flight Simulator (FFS) at Lufthansa Aviation Training in Zuerich.   22 July 2024
Canadian North's new Boeing 737NG simulator aims to enhance pilot training at Edmonton International Airport.   22 July 2024
D3A Defence has partnered with HAVIK Solutions to enhance military training with advanced Joint Fires Trainers.   22 July 2024
Applications for US Air Force’s 2024 Aim High Flight Academy are opening this fall, offering mentorship, simulator training, and up to 15 flight hours.   22 July 2024
EURAMEC is unveiling its 4th and 5th Gen jetfighter flight sim capabilities and ISR Part Task Trainers at Farnborough 2024.   22 July 2024
Vallair and CCAA have signed an MOU for aviation training and maintenance in Cameroon.   22 July 2024


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