The Airline Pilot Club (APC), in conjunction with Excel Aviation, specialists in sourcing aviation personnel,  are forming a strategic partnership with HK Express Airways (HK Express), which claims is the only low-cost carrier based in Hong Kong.

This entities believe this partnership represents a significant step for both APC and HK Express as they join forces to utilize their collective strengths in a bid to boost HK Express’ brand awareness among the pilot community globally and to provide additional avenues to access top-tier talent, thereby enriching the talent pool. Through this partnership, APC will extend its expertise and recruitment solutions to HK Express to enhance the effectiveness of the pilot selection process.

Some of the key initiatives of the partnership include:

-APC’s commitment to assisting HK Express in the recruitment and selection of a wide spectrum of pilots, including but not limited to First Officers (Non-Type Rated), First Officers (A320 Rated), Captains (Non-Type Rated), Captains (A320 Rated).

Utilization of APC's Airline-Ready Pilot Pool, an advanced platform that connects airlines with a diverse and skilled pilot workforce.

Integration of APC’s capabilities in pilot assessment, training, and selection to complement HK Express’s commitment to operational excellence and safety.

"Our goal has always been to bridge the gap between quality pilot training and airline requirements,” said Andy O’Shea, APC CEO. “Collaborating with HK Express allows us to contribute directly to the growth of a respected airline while providing pilots with exceptional career opportunities."

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