Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd (HNCA) and Indonesia's CARDIG INTERNATIONAL GROUP (CARDIG) held a signing ceremony at the Singapore Airshow, where both sides officially signed a memorandum of cooperation, in which the entities will carry out a full range of strategic cooperation in a number of areas, including aviation training, aviation supports, passenger and cargo routes, and the construction of overseas airports. 

HNCA and CARDIG will collaborate to advance the training of aviation personnel and improve their skills and service quality in both regions. Additionally, they aim to jointly establish new international passenger and cargo routes and strengthen the regional aviation network to meet the growing demand for economic and trade exchanges. 

Furthermore, both sides will actively explore opportunities for cooperation in the construction and operation management of overseas airports and promote the construction of airport facilities in countries and regions along the route through advanced operational concepts and technological means. HNCA and CARDIG will take the cooperation of aviation training as the starting point, and will provide aviation services for the growing economic and trade exchanges between Henan and RCEP countries, and promote deep integration of the aviation industry between the two regions.

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