The Inflight Institute has introduced Fit for Flight – a course created with author and award winner Captain Jean Denis Marcellin.

Fit for Flight covers the essential pillars required for a career in aviation, according to the Inflight Institute. Participants can master strategies to boost their skills, efficiency, and decision-making capabilities to help ensure they consistently perform at their best. The program offers techniques to enhance cognitive performance, enabling aviation professionals to handle challenging situations with confidence and mental clarity. Fit for Flight also includes comprehensive fitness routines and lifestyle modifications to help participants get in prime physical condition to meet the rigorous demands of their profession.

A crucial element of the program is its approach to managing and overcoming fatigue, a significant factor in aviation safety, according to the Inflight Institute. The course equips participants with the knowledge to maintain high energy levels and readiness for long-haul flights and intense schedules.

The course also teaches nutrition specifically designed for aviation professionals, highlighting how the right dietary choices can enhance energy, focus, and overall well-being.

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