Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University and Women and Drones, a networking organization that aims to guide women toward careers in STEM, has recently partnered to expand opportunities for women throughout the fields of aviation and aerospace.

As an organization promoting female participation in the uncrewed aerial system (UAS) industry, Women and Drones aims to open new doors through this partnership for enhanced educational and professional development for women in the rapidly growing field of UAS technology. The partnership will offer members of Women and Drones a bridge to a variety of associate, baccalaureate, master's and doctoral degrees, as well as professional education program offered at Embry‑Riddle.

Through Women and Drones’ networking platform, which has extended its reach to women across 22 countries, members have the opportunity to meet industry leaders, attend speaking events and learning programs, and much more.

 "A strategic alliance with Embry‑Riddle represents a significant milestone for Women and Drones," said Sharon Rossmark, CEO of Women and Drones. "Together, we're paving the way for women and girls to discover the vast opportunities in aviation, as well as shaping the next generation of aerospace leaders."

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