In 2022, American Airlines became the first U.S. airline to implement CEFA- AMS, an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application designed to enable pilots to virtually replay and review flight performance on their EFB tablets post- landing for debriefing and training purposes.    After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, the airline will expand the utilization of this innovative tool across its entire pilot workforce and fleets.

CEFA Aviation, developed CEFA-AMS to allow pilots and flight operating crews to replay virtual recreations of their flights within minutes after landing.

Capt. Paul Fitzgerald, Allied Pilots Association Deputy Safety Chair (FOQA) and lead Gatekeeper added, "Implementation of this new capability is the result of a collaboration between the Allied Pilots Association, American Airlines and CEFA Aviation. The utilization of CEFA-AMS vastly increases the impact of our FOQA data and represents a pivotal step forward in our safety enhancement efforts. It provides our pilots with valuable insights and timely post-flight analysis capabilities, further bolstering our commitment to safety."

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