Padpilot has appointed Nathan Gray as new Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect.

Gray joined Padpilot as Head of Learning and Development in September 2023 and is a former Royal Navy Commander, F35 test pilot and Qualified Flying Instructor.

Padpilot Director, Graham Cownie, co-founder and outgoing CEO said: “The board is in complete agreement that there couldn’t be a better leader to take Padpilot into the future. Nathan’s vast experience and dynamic perspective on the direction of pilot education, and the new technologies the team is working on, means the next couple of years will probably be the most exciting time in Padpilot’s history.”

Gray is an experienced high-risk test pilot, fighter pilot and fast jet flying instructor. He was recruited to the F-35 stealth jet development program and conducted the first F-35 launch and recovery on HMS Queen Elizabeth in 2018. 

The company believes Gray’s expertise and development-orientated mindset will drive Padpilot’s ethos of professionalism and pilot education to even greater heights. And having worked at the forefront of flight testing, Gray has an understanding of advanced aviation technologies that will benefit Padpilot’s pilot training resources.

“At this time of growth in trainee pilot numbers, we will continue to focus on equipping them with the optimal foundational knowledge as they prepare for their future careers,” said Gray. “This learning is not just for the regulatory exams, it’s for life - the best aviators never stop building their knowledge, skills and attitudes.”

“We’re currently working on some exciting new AI-driven resources and looking forward to sharing more with our customers soon.”

Director Graham Cownie remains an active part of the Padpilot development team.  

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