Finnair Flight Academy (FFA) has launched a new "ReverseGreen™ Go!" product in its growing ReverseGreen™ economic operations product family. ReverseGreen Go! is a unique three-step consultancy service that converts the training costs into a profitable investment. After just four months from the start of the project FFA is able to demonstrate concrete steps to achieve the target savings. According to FFA experience the integrated concept of training and economical flight operations can generate savings of 0.5-1.0% of the operational costs in just 12 months after adapting the concept. The ReverseGreen Go! service is customized for each airline. "We calculate and pinpoint potential savings areas, analyze the results and integrate the findings into the customer specific flight training program" said Capt. Tero Arra, Head of Training at Finnair Flight Academy. "At the end of the ReverseGreen Go! program, the airline will have a fully customized state-of-the-art cost calculator installed on its laptops and the pilot competencies in economical operations are continuously monitored and further developed through a proactive training needs analysis supported by our web-based competency management system.”