Within the scope of a long-term test Lufthansa Flight Training has equipped the visual system of one of its Boeing 747-400 simulators with new DLP projectors of type ESP-LHD-1000 of the German manufacturer eyevis. LFT is using for the first time DLP projectors with LED-illumination for a Level D flight simulator, and replaces a LCoS projector.

Inside the simulator three projectors illuminate the rear projection area, creating an outer view of 150°x40°. Through the internal automatic color control and a special hardware-blending, no differences or transitions are visible between the three channels. With 10 fL (foot Lambert) brightness for daytime simulations and 0.003 fL for nighttime, the projection system exceeds the German FAA’s requirements due to higher brightness during daytime simulations and a lower black value for night vision. The eyevis LED projectors exceed all of the German FAA requirements for a level-D flight simulator.