Airbus and HAECO Group have entered into a long-term strategic agreement to provide maintenance and engineering training in mainland China and Southeast Asia. HAECO will deploy the ‘Training by Airbus’ standards, dynamic tools and teaching techniques to provide aircraft maintenance training capabilities to its personnel and others in the region.

The partnership will use the Airbus Competence Training (ACT) for maintenance personnel, bringing virtual Airbus aircraft into a digital classroom at HAECO’s facilities. ACT is Airbus’ learning-by-doing concept for Type-Rating and non-certified engineers. The “Training by Airbus” services for HAECO will also include: integration of HAECO’s instructors within the part 147 Airbus Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition (MTOE); Airbus standard certifying (type-rating) and specialised training capabilities for Airbus’ range of aircraft; and access to Airbus courseware, instruction media, virtual tools and real aircraft practice in HAECO’s facilities.