Dubai airline Emirates invested about Dh73 million ($19.86 million) in cabin crew training during 2014, which saw a total of 4,280 new cabin crew graduating from Emirates Aviation College (EAC) - Crew Training.

The facility has reported a record-breaking year for 2014, with over 33,000 attendees in various training courses (with some crew members attending multiple courses in a year). Covering different disciplines from Safety & Emergency Procedures, Medical Training, Service and Image, the training college caters to both new cabin crew recruits as well as existing crew.

A total of 4,136 existing crew trained for a cabin upgrade, 534 cabin crew graduated to be pursers and 17,650 crew participated in their recurrent training - a mandatory course crew undertake every year. To meet this training demand, EAC - Crew Training operated at an average of 17 hours per day, conducting 3,994 courses equivalent to 245,262 training days.