eyevis and Antycip Simulation have announced the successful completion of their upgrade project for Skyguide, the organisation responsible for air safety in Swiss and adjoining airspaces.

The project involved modernising the TOSIM Blue tower simulator, to improve its performance in training situations, through greater resolution, colour depiction and brightness. With over 600 people training with the equipment every year, the upgrades help Skyguide more effectively cover basic and advanced training, as well as training for entirely new systems and skills. This training goes on to support Skyguide's responsibility for over 3,000 flights per day, through its airspace.

The project involved the installation of fourteen eyevis ESP-LWXT-1000 LED projectors, combined into a single 360° simulation with a 9.5m diameter. The tower visuals including a number of national and international airports and airfields are displayed exactly as they would be viewed from their respective air traffic control towers.